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gglib package

Bundles all gglib packages in one namespace.


This is the standalone bundle of the gglib library. It re-exports all packages from the @gglib/* namespace.


Variable Description
Content This is the content pipeline.
ContentLoaders This contains all content loaders using the contentn pipeline
Ecs A lightweight but powerful entity component system.
EcsComponents Entity component system components
FxMaterials Shader and effect composition library.
FxPost Shader and effect composition library.
FxProcedural Shader and effect composition library.
Gglib Bundles all other packages in one namespace.
Graphics WebGL abstraction and the heart of gglib.
Input Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad and VR device abstractions can be found here
Math_2 A 3D math library.
Noise Procedural noise generation.
Particles Particles library
Render The render system.
Terrain A simple terrain implementation.
Utils Common utility functions that are used by most of the other packages.